Thursday, April 23, 2020

Maverick Media: From Politics to the Paranormal

Four Interviews... military, media, history, and Vermont.  

Privatizing National Security
Most governments rarely admit to using mercenaries. But today’s private contractors perform almost every function essential to military operations, what has been called 
“a creeping privatization of the business of war.”

Greg and RETN’s Scott Campitelli examine the trend toward privatization of government and military functions. They also explore regulation of private entities, safety and secrecy, accountability, and security of technology. Recorded on 08/19/2004. Complete Report: Outsourcing Defense

Independent Media
Robin Lloyd and Greg join Scott to discuss the landscape of independent media in the US. They also explain the mission of Toward Freedom and other sources of independent news and views. Recorded on 08/19/2004

Spirits of Desire

”It was a strange time, an explosive era of spiritualism as well as a period of rapid industrialization, economic depression and political corruption.“

Greg and Scott explore Spirits of Desire, Greg’s historical novel dealing with spirituality and the paranormal in the 1870s. Recorded on 04/07/2005. 
Get the Book: Spirits of Desire

Vermont Guardian

Co-founders Shay Totten and Greg discuss Vermont Guardian, the weekly newspaper they launched in 2004, and the state of journalism in Vermont. Recorded on 04/07/2005.

And one more... on development, democracy, and the environment

The Road Not Taken:
The Green Mountain Parkway
With Frank Bryan, Greg Guma, and Bruce Post

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