Monday, February 23, 2015

Campaign Files Finance Report: Close to $12,000 Goal

In reports filed on Feb. 23 with the Vermont Secretary of State, the Campaign Committee Treasurer for Greg Guma’s mayoral campaign reported $11,965 in contributions since the campaign began on Jan. 26, and $13, 742.32 to date in expenditures. All funds were raised in the three week period between Feb. 2 and Feb. 23.

The reports also shows that the main expenses of the campaign to date have been print ads, printing and citywide distribution of campaign literature, and airing of a campaign ad on WPTZ.  Most of the early contributions came from Guma’s family and friends, including $1,000 from his mother, Olga Guma, who lives in Mesa, AZ; $940 from Robin Lloyd, former partner an professional colleague, to pay for the first print ad of the campaign; and $325 from his son, Jesse Guma, a film producer.
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Guma contributed $1,490 and loaned the campaign funds to cover early expenses in anticipation of contributions. Other large contributors include Rob Williams, a teacher and editor of 2VR; Phinn Sonin, local entrepreneur and producer of the annual Spielpalast review; Mannie Leoni, architect and activist in the open space movement; campaign Treasurer Mark Montalban and Rebecca Roy; Charles McClintock, retired postal worker and a former Guma student; Matt Cropp, a coop activist and local historian; and Marcia Marshall, a close friend and political ally who worked with Guma to launch the Citizens Party in 1980. Other contributors include Paul Schnabel, Genese Grill, Danila Dinan, Laura Dame, and Nora Jacobson.
In addition to placing print ads, the campaign has posted online ads to Front Porch Forum and Facebook, distributed lawn signs, and mounted an energetic social media campaign. On Monday, Guma answered questions on Reddit for several hours, receiving 100 comments and rating 93% positive. On Tuesday at 6:30 a.m. he will appear live on Fox Local 22 & 44 (Channel 9 on local cable) for an interview. At 2:30 p.m. the same day he’ll join the other candidates for a discussion of town-gown relations at Champlain College.

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