Thursday, February 5, 2015


On Friday, Feb. 6, at 11 a.m., Greg Guma will hold his first press conference of the campaign at Burlington College in the WOMM-FM studio. The focus will be on the reasons why Mayor Weinberger should be replaced. The event will be aired live and streamed as a segment of The Howie Rose Variety Show.

The other mayoral candidates have been invited to appear on the show during the campaign. Libertarian candidate Loyal Ploof will be interviewed Friday at 1 p.m., after Guma's press conference.
Tonight Guma participates in a second mayoral forum, this one presented by the Ward 6 Neighborhood Planning Assembly at the Greek Orthodox Church, 600 South Willard Street.
WOMM-FM, a low power radio station, was launched by Big Heavy World and the Peace and Justice Center. It moved from College Street to Burlington College last fall. The Howie Rose Variety Show is  a weekly program that has been on the air in Burlington since 2001, first on WRUV and now on WOMM.  Guma has appeared as a guest on the show in the past.

The campaign has established a bank account, appointed its treasurer, launched a website, and raised $5,000 since last Sunday, or $1,000 per day. Decisions about the campaign budget are underway. The current priorities include citywide literature distribution, print ads (already begun), a limited number of lawn signs, web ads, buttons, and a local fundraising event later in the month. A preliminary campaign budget will be revealed next week.

While the campaign does not plan to match Mayor Weinberger's war chest, it believes that the race can be won with considerably less money, and that four citywide literature drops and the purchase of too much TV ad time could backfire on the mayor.

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